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Judy McCarty Kuhn

Judy McCarty Kuhn, Editor-in-Chief of the 1966-67 University of Cincinnati News Record, is a retired English, history, and journalism teacher. At Aiken High School, she advised the yearbook, The Peregrine. At Walnut Hills, where she taught for 27 years, she advised The Gleam, a literary magazine, and The Chatterbox, the school newspaper. Judy co-authored the journalism curriculum for Cincinnati Public Schools. When cable television arrived in Cincinnati, she worked with students to produce community programs. Since her retirement in 1997, she has penned memoirs of her News Record experiences. Judy's mini-history of the News Record, "For the Record," was recently awarded second place in the University of Cincinnati Bicentennial Alumni Writing Contest.

Judy comes from a long line of UC graduates going back to the 19th century when one ancestor played UC football. Her parents, Ruth and Ray McCarty, and her uncle, Ted McCarty, graduated in the 1930s. Judy's aunts, cousins, sister, and niece all hold UC diplomas. Judy's husband, Art Kuhn, earned degrees in Business Administration and Education. Their son, Artie, is a 2002 Digital Design DAAP graduate.

Books by Judy McCarty Kuhn:

The Other UC and Me