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Margaret Waldmann

Margaret Waldmann was always a story teller. Her family, dolls and little friends were the awed listeners. Also, as a small child with musical gifts, she began piano lessons. In her late teens she won a full fellowship to the Juilliard Graduate School in New York City as a student of the famous Josef Lhevinne. After graduating from Juilliard, she toured for several years under New York management, both as a soloist and also as an accompanist for violinists and singers.

On the Upper East Side of New York City, Margaret established a large and successful piano studio featuring group teaching. She named it Piano Partners. With the advent of technology, Margaret designed a MIDI computer music teaching program through interactive games and graphics calling it The Piano Partners Music Learning System. Partnering with IBM, she installed it in school labs and independent studios throughout the United States and Great Britain.

When Margaret retired to Cincinnati, Ohio, she had the time to pursue her other passion - writing - which brought her to the Iowa Creative Writers Summer Workshop in Iowa City where she was strongly encouraged to write, write, write and tell her stories. Now, Margaret continues to write as she savors life in her adopted city of Cincinnati which she dubs a mini New York City.


Books by Margaret Waldmann:

Closer Apart