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Closer Apart

by Margaret Waldmann

Closer Apart, Margaret Waldmann’s first novel is about the mysterious power of a first love and love at first sight. The story unfolds around the beautiful and gifted Ann Anderson, raised in a small Indiana town by a loving father and a prudish and overly strict mother. After the family moves to Cleveland, Ohio, Ann is introduced to a charming 16-year-old Stephen Wakefield. She and Stephen fall madly in love, an adolescent love—profound, powerful, and enduring for two and a half years.

Then the twists and turns of life interfere. The young lovers break up and go their separate ways—Ann to study piano at the Juilliard Graduate School in New York City, Stephen to Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. Pearl Harbor! World War II! Stephen is drafted into the Army and sent to Yale for intelligence training. Ann becomes a world-famous performing classical pianist in a pop-culture world. She meets Donald Denison, a war hero, whom she marries. Both confess it is love at first sight. Her life in music, her romances, her friends and family all tell a story of relationships. Ann returns to Cleveland to fulfill an engagement and there encounters her first love, Stephen, with whom she reconnects. It is the beginning of an affair, sweet, tender, passionate, beautiful, and touching in their golden years.


What are they saying about Closer Apart?

"An impressive debut for writer Margaret Waldmann. Her novel, Closer Apart, is the rich story of young love, a lifetime in music, and rediscovered romance. And ode to life, to self, and to the city of New York. Brava!"
- Janice Kagermeier

"Closer Apart by Margaret Waldmann is a gripping story. She has successfully combined a background of historical detail, sexual conquests, and the emotional drama associated with these to produce a must-read narrative."
- Allen Bernard