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Dime Novels & Dreams of America

by Sally Evans Sovilla

Based on an autobiography her grandfather wrote at the age of 71, Dime Novels and Dreams of America chronicles the life of Fredrick Bernard Roeben, an immigrant who ran away from his home in Germany in the late 19th Century to fulfill his dream of going to America.

As a young man he was a seaman who traveled far and wide and survived the deadly Galveston hurricane of 1900. Later he was a successful engineer and family man who lived out his American dream.

This book is a legacy the author hopes to pass on to her children, Fredrick's great-grandchildren. Because of the tapestry of American history woven into this personal account of immigrating to America, the author has chosen to share these memories on the open market as well.

The book has also served to capture historical people, places and events that were part of Wyoming, Ohio, the city Fredrick and his family fold a big part of their lives.