Micropress, Inc.

Living in Paradise

by Andrew Martin

Living in Paradise - Myrtle Beach is considered to be like Paradise to many who come to visit this tropical city near the Atlantic Ocean. When we moved here in the winter of 2015, we thought exactly the same thing. This is our story of how we moved here and what we discovered in Myrtle Beach. As a Registered Nurse in Dialysis, I encounter many visitors to the Palmetto State. They come here to see the ocean and enjoy the amazing weather and the attractions along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. I have found that there are many similarities to the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden. I was surprised that many who come here are only stuck in the attractions and never explore the true beauty of Myrtle Beach.

This book was written to answer many questions from a personal perspective for tourists and those who have an interest in coming here to
visit. It is also seasoned with a touch of grace and truth from the vision of the Paradise of God. Included are the countless interviews I conducted from the people who live here to give a broader perspective of what makes Myrtle Beach an amazing beautiful place to live as I interwoven these
treasure bits throughout my writings.

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