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My Sister France: An African Teardrop

by Antoinette A. Dick

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. My Sister France : An African Teardrop is the remarkable and true account of Antoinette's late sister France, set in a changing, politically unstable country in Africa.  A story which needed to be told.


What are they saying about My Sister France: An African Teardrop?

"I have known the author for several years. Her heartfelt recollections of her family and life, and this particular experience shared, bring so many of my own memories to mind. You will enjoy this book as the author recounts this
unusual experience which unfolds in her book. As a close friend, I have come to trust her stories shared, and with consistency of recount.”"
- Judy-Rae Schell

"All my life I had a deep desire to go to Africa. Fourteen years ago a piece of Africa walked into the post office where I was working as a clerk. This lady with an “English” accent was “not English”, and explained her background. That was the beginning of a great friendship with my dear friend from Zimbabwe. Antoinette has shared so much of her beloved country and Lord that I felt it was God`s way of giving me a connection with Africa. I am so glad that she has started on the path of recounting her fascinating life’s stories.”
- Pamela Nunn

"My late husband Steven B. Stevens first met Antoinette in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) back in August of 1974. She was at that time working for the Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation. She is an interesting and informed lady. We were both privileged to meet Antoinette and get to know her, and became close and good friends over the years. I am so glad and excited to find out that she had put some of her very remarkable experiences in to writing . We both were always drawn to her exquisite writing style. She has a way of bringing stories alive... an awesome, inspiring and unforgettable read.”
- Gisela Stevens