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Pushing My Harley

By William C. Riffle with Angela H. Buechner

As children we all learned that when you fall of your bike, you get back on and don't give up. But what if the reason you fall is because you have ALS?

Bill Riffle, has ALS and has been the lead example in how to get up after falling. Although he has had this disease for 26 years, he recently was helped to his feet to push his Harley, an affectionate name for his walker.

Pushing My Harley is a book about connecting passion to live life to the fullest, sharing his personal journey of living with ALS to others, and accepting the hand we have been dealth while making the most of it. Its message is not just for the ALS community but for all of us. Regardless of where you are in life, you will find this book and its message of hope and promise to be inspirational.