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Straight White Shield
A Life and Works of John Hauser (1859-1913)

by Edward Paxton Harris & Jerry Glen

The 310-page book with hundreds of illustration, most never seen in print before, is the result of five years of intensive research by two dedicated scholars. It is the first book ever to analyze the artist’s life growing up in Cincinnati’s unique Over-the-Rhine section, studying at the McMicken College of Art, his struggles to earn money to travel to Germany and his subsequent studies at the Munich Academy of Art. The biographical narrative traces his travels abroad, and his friendships within the Cincinnati Art Club, his travels to Santa Fe and the Pueblos with J.H. Sharp, and finally his sojourns in the South Dakota Badlands where his Sioux friends adopted him into their tribe. It was they who gave him his singular name which in turn lent the title to this volume. The authors have also located more than 500 of Hauser’s work and have provided an illustrated and detailed catalogue of them, so that his work can be studied over the span of his lifetime. Phyllis Weston, the doyenne of art dealers in Cincinnati, contributes a preface to Straight White Shield, and well-know Boston-School artist Richard Luschek has written a special essay for the volume. A large number of extras are to be found in the volume: rare photographs of Hauser on the plains and at work in his studio, artifacts from his collections, a history of his reception as an artist with all supporting materials, facsimiles of his signature as it changed over the years, a complete annotated bibliography, and many, many other extra features never found in typical art books.

Beginning with almost no information, the authors have amassed a great deal of it. From a few brief biographical sketches in standard reference books, which were not even consistent in providing Hauser’s dates, Straight White Shield gives a working image of the man and the artist.

The catalogue raisonné will continue to grow on this Web site as new information about works continues to come in. The catalogue raisonné covers more than 500 works by the artist. Since you are on this mailing list, “your Hauser” is included.

Straight White Shield has been custom-printed and is available in two formats. One has a board or hard cover and sells for $10.00 more than the paper-back, reflecting the actual costs. In keeping with our non-commercial policy, the book is priced without a profit motive in order to make it accessible to as many as possible.