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101 Tips for Creating Your Own Legacy Cover

"You're On The Air!"

by Mike Tussey

When looking back at a magical, wonderful, but yet challenging profession called broadcasting, there were many sunny days but sometimes it did indeed rain. “YOU’RE ON THE AIR!” became a reality when it occurred to me that there was not just a single story there, but many stories within my nearly 50 year tour of being involved in the wonderful but fickle world of broadcasting. These stories and incidents all occurred; some of these incidents are beyond belief, some are humorous. During my near five decades in the business, I was fortunate enough to meet and work closely with legends of major league baseball, college basketball, and country music stars, even those of the Grand Ole Opry.

When you reach your seventh decade you have many concerns, most of which are physical. Those concerns come and go, and I try and handle them as only one can, day-by-day. But looking back, at my diverse double-identity-type career, I have no regrets. In fact, there were so many good times which are certainly reflected within the title of the theme song of the legendary entertainer Bob Hope- “Thanks for the Memory!”

So, pull up a chair, relax, and join me for a magic carpet ride that many can only dream about. Time to put a headset on because your call has come for : YOU’RE ON THE AIR!