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Broken Shell by Brenda Simpson

A Country Road by Lula Shaw Siemon

A Country Song by Vicki M. Thornberry

"Daddy, Them Didn't Fix Me" by Sally Evans Sovilla

Dime Novels & Dreams of America by Sally Evans Sovilla

Early Promise, Late Reward by Joyce Crosby Quay

Eyewitness to Disasters by Carl Biery

Flagstaff-when it belonged to me (Flagstaff, Arizona 1945-1962) by Martha Switzer Crotty

God Is Good All The Time... Even In The Storm by Patti Cochran Gunter

God's Not So Odd Couple by Paul W. Rice

Jerry's Slices of Life by Jerry Blanken

Memories, Mysteries, and Musings by Mary Ralph Bradley

My First One Hundred Years 1907-2007 by Roy L. Anderson

My Sister France by Antoinette A. Dick

My Winning Season: Becoming a Champion for Urban Youth by Robert Buechner

A Quilted Life by Hazel Durbin with Vickie Cimprich

The Remnants of Divorce by Paul W. Rice

Schoolboy Trojans by Vernon V. Knuckles, Jr.

Straight White Shield: A Life and Works of John Hauser (1859-1913) by Edward Paxton Harris & Jerry Glen

There Had To Be A Reason by Paul W. Rice

Voyage Through Innocence by Paul W. Rice

The Year The World Ended: A story about finding God's love by the Ohio River by Andrew Martin

Yesterday's Tomorrow: A Story of Living Every Day For Tomorrow by Margaret G. Allen

"You're On The Air!" by Mike Tussey